Winner of multiple awards

In recent weeks, Raiffeisen Capital Management (Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage GmbH) has won several awards for its services and products. Naturally, we are very pleased by this, but more importantly it gives our customers the comfortable feeling that they are well invested.


LIPPER Fund Awards Austria and Germany 2015

LIPPER announced the LIPPER Fund Awards Austria 2015 and LIPPER Fund Awards Germany 2015. Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent was among the award winners, taking 1st place in its category (assessment period of 10 years).


Euro-FundsAwards 2015

The editorial staff at €uro, €uro-fondsxpress, €uro am Sonntag and Börse-Online awarded the Euro-FundAwards for the Best Funds in Germany for 2015. Funds of Raiffeisen Capital Management were also among the winners:

1st place Over 10 years: Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent
1st place Over 1 year: Raiffeisen-Technologie-Aktien
3rd place in the categories Over 10 years, 5 years, 3 years and 1 year: Raiffeisen-Österreich-Aktien


Winner of the 3rd place Award for Austrian Umbrella Funds for 2014

GELD Magazin issued its umbrella fund awards in November 2014. Once again, Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit was among the winners, taking 3rd place in the category "Bond-oriented, dynamic" (over the assessment period of 1 year). This is a clear, externally determined indication for the stable performance of Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, underlining the quality of management at Raiffeisen Capital Management.


MOJE Finance

The Slovenian magazine MOJE Finance issued Fund Awards to three Raiffeisen Capital Management products:

1st place Over 5 years: Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien (Global Equities Category)
1st place Over 3 years: Raiffeisen-US-Aktien (North American Equities Category)
1st place Over 3 years: Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien (Foreign Fund Category/Assessment Basis: Sharpe Ratio)


Germany’s Best Asset Manager 2015

The renowned business magazine WirtschaftsWoche compared and assessed 400 banks and asset managers in Germany. In the rankings, Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Mix (called Raiffeisen-Global-Mix until October) took an excellent 15th place in the investment category "Balanced". Consequently, Raiffeisen Capital Management was awarded the WirtschaftsWoche Quality Seal for "Best Asset Manager 2015".


Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Aktien ranks No. 1

The study series "TOP 100 ESG* Aktienfonds Rating" (for Austria, Germany and Switzerland) was prepared by the CSSP (Center for Social and Sustainable Products AG, headquartered in Liechtenstein), in cooperation with MSCI ESG Research, with the goal of promoting improved transparency, comparability and measurability on the market. For the first time ever, the portfolio quality of sustainable and conventional equity funds was analysed with an eye to environmental, social and governance criteria. In Austria and Germany, Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Aktien (previously Raiffeisen-Ethik-Aktien) came in 1st place in this ranking.
*ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance


Other current awards of Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung




Past performance is not a reliable indicator for future development.  

The Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent may invest more than 35 % of the fund's volume in securities/money market instruments of the following issuers: Poland, Turkey, Hungary

The Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit may invest more than 35 % of the fund's volume in securities/money market instruments of the following issuers: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom.

According to its investment strategy, Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit mainly invests in other investment funds.

The Fund Regulations of the Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent and the Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit have been approved by the FMA.

Due to the composition and the management techniques which are employed of Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Technologie-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Österreich-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien, Raiffeisen-US-Aktien, Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien and Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Aktien, the funds exhibits elevated volatility, meaning that unit prices can move significantly higher or lower in short periods of time, whereby it is not possible to rule out loss of capital.

As a part of the investment strategy of Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Technologie-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Österreich-Aktien, Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien, Raiffeisen-US-Aktien, Raiffeisen-HealthCare-Aktien and Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeitsfonds-Mix it is possible to invest to a significant degree in derivatives*.

Derivatives are innovative financial instruments, the value of which is dependent on or derived from the development of other financial products or reference variables. The prices of these instruments essentially depend on an underlying market variable (the underlying). Prices depend on fluctuations in the prices or the price expectations of other investments. This can increase the risk of loss for the fund assets. However, derivatives can also be used for hedging, for example of price and currency risks.



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