Our investment philosophy


Unsere Investmentphilosophie


We are active managers working in an environment of only partially efficient capital markets.


Our investment strategy takes a long-term approach.  





We pursue market oriented strategies: goal is to achieve an additional return compared to the traditional capital markets


We achieve our goals with:


  • globally diversified portfolios composed of various asset classes
  • active research and the use of new, innovative asset classes and products
  • weak correlation of the products and strategies employed Working within the framework of our internally developed, successful investment process, our experienced portfolio managers strive to ensure the best possible management of assets over the long term.


A high degree of objectivity is guaranteed by a best-in-class approach in the selection of an exceptionally wide range of investment instruments.


Our structured process for the selection of individual securities takes into account various input factors (technical, fundamental, discretionary, etc.).


All decisions are made in teams, helping us to ensure a high degree of continuity in respect of performance.


Risk management is an integral component of portfolio construction.



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