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The reference portfolios of Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung consistently take top positions of the periodical ranking by the financial service provider "firstfive".


For example, in 2017, Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung has ranked in the top five a total of 84 times for various risk classes and time periods (as of 30 June 2017), thus again achieving an outstanding result among asset management companies in the German-speaking world. The top rankings awarded to Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung’s reference portfolios:
Sharpe ratio:

4th place Maturity 12 months - Dynamic
3rd place Maturity 24 months - Conservative
4th place Maturity 24 months - Balanced
2ns place Maturity 36 months - Conservative
3rd place Maturity 36 months - Balanced
4th place Maturity 36 months - Dynamic


Top Performance:
5th place Maturity 24 months - Balanced
4th place Maturity 36 months - Conservative
4th place Maturity 36 months - Balanced

5th place Maturity 36 months - Balanced

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Geprüftes Qualitäts Depot Vermögensverwaltung Certified quality depot


The quality awards for the product Raiffeisen VIPclassic 35 (fund-based) issued throughout 2016 and in Q3 2017 by the German Institute for Asset Accumulation (IVA AG) in Munich also underline Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung’s competence in the field of investment.

The Institute is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting asset accumulation by private investors using financial market methods and expertise. In the fields of Private Banking, the Institute’s core service is the regular certification of high quality portfolios of banks and other asset managers (such as Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung).




Thorough review of Raiffeisen VIPclassic 35. The portfolio for Raiffeisen VIPclassic 35 has been and will continue to be regularly sub-jected to thorough analysis. The portfolio’s risk and return opportunities, the degree of variance in return projections and its robustness against external risks (stress tests) were just a few of the key aspects of this in-depth analysis. As a result of the certification process, Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung was awarded the quality seal “Certified Quality Depot” by the Institute for Asset Accumulation (IVA AG) for the positive assessment of the portfolio of Raiffeisen VIPclassic 35, confirming that this strategy features an excellent risk-return profile. The management of all other market-oriented product categories (Raiffeisen VIPclassic prod-ucts) is essentially identical. The risk-return profile stemming from the weighting of the asset classes (equities, bonds…) is the difference.


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Naturally, we are committed to repeating these excellent results in the future as well, although past results are not suitable for forecasting future performance. Like all other capital market products, the securities contained in Raiffeisen Capital Management’s investment portfolios are affected by fluctuations on the capital market, which can possibly also have a negative impact.


This is a marketing material of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage GmbH, as of July 2017.