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Funds for institutional investors

Info Please note

We provide information here about a selection of our funds for institutional investors.
Information about (R) share classes and further funds can be found under Mutual Funds resp. Prices & Documents.

Fund name
Raiffeisenfonds-Konservativ, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-§ 14-Mix, Global mixed fund as per § 25 PKG
Raiffeisen-§ 14-MixLight, Global mixed fund as per § 25 PKG
Raiffeisen-§ 14-Rent, Euro bonds as per § 25 PKG
Raiffeisen 301 - Euro Gov. Bonds, Euro government bonds
Raiffeisen 304 - Euro Corporates, Investment grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen 305 - Non-Euro Equities, Global equities excluding European equities
Raiffeisen 308 - Euro Equities, Euro equities
Raiffeisen 313 - Euro Trend Follower, Euro bonds trend following model
Raiffeisen 314 - Euro Inflation Linked, Inflation-indexed euro bonds
Raiffeisen 902 - Treasury Zero II, Euro government bonds
Raiffeisen-Dynamic-Assets, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-EmergingMarkets-LocalBonds, Global emerging markets bonds
Raiffeisen-EmergingMarkets-Rent, Global emerging markets bonds
Raiffeisen-Europa-HighYield, Non-investment-grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-Euro-Rendite, Short-term euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent, Euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Euro-ShortTerm-Rent, Short-term euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Global-Aktien, Global equities
Raiffeisen-GlobalAllocation-StrategiesPlus, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Global-Fundamental-Rent, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-Global-Rent, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-GreenBonds, Global bonds
Raiffeisen-Income, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Inflation-Shield, Inflation-oriented global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Laufzeitenfonds-Anleihen 2019, Investment grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-MegaTrends-Aktien, Global sector fund
Raiffeisen-Mehrwert 2020, Investment grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-Mehrwert 2021, Euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-Mehrwert 2023, Euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Aktien, Global equities according to ethical criteria
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Diversified, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-EmergingMarkets-Aktien, Globale Emerging Markets-Aktien anhand nachhaltiger Kriterien
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Mix, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-ShortTerm, Short-term euro bonds
Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Solide, Globaler Mischfonds anhand nachhaltiger Kriterien
Raiffeisen-OK-Rent, Capital-gains-tax-exempt euro bonds according to ethical criteria
Raiffeisen-Österreich-Rent, Austrian bonds eligible for trusts according to ethical criteria
Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Aktien, Eastern European equities
Raiffeisen-Osteuropa-Rent, Eastern European bonds from the EU convergence area
Raiffeisen-RC6, Global mixed fund
Raiffeisen-Russland-Aktien, Russian equities
Raiffeisen-Unternehmensanleihefonds 06/2018, Investment grade euro corporate bonds
Raiffeisen-US-Aktien, US equities
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