Sustainable Investment


The strategic positioning of Raiffeisen Capital Management on the subject of sustainability is progressing rapidly. Sustainable investing is integrated even more into all investment processes - with the medium-term goal of managing the entire range of funds according to ESG criteria.


Sustainability and responsibility have become important criteria for choosing an investment. Anyone who invests money is also responsible for what happens to it. This applies to investors as well as to us as an investment company.


Investors no longer have to forgo the aspect of sustainability in their investments. Looking to invest with a clear conscience? Here’s how.


Detailed information about our SRI-funds is available under "Fund Overview".


More about sustainability at Raiffeisen Capital Management, seal of approval and investment process.

Raiffeisen-GreenBonds Fonds


Green bonds for financing climate and environmental protection projects continue to grow strongly. Even China, one of the main environmental polluters in recent decades, has set the goal “Make our sky blue again”.