Sustainable Investment


Investors no longer have to forgo the aspect of sustainability in their investments. Looking to invest with a clear conscience? Here’s how.


Detailed information about our SRI-funds is available under "Fund Overview".

Raiffeisen-GreenBonds Fonds


Green bonds for financing climate and environmental protection projects continue to grow strongly. Even China, one of the main environmental polluters in recent decades, has set the goal “Make our sky blue again”.

SRI Philosophie


In recent years, the topics of sustainability and responsibility have increasingly become important criteria in the selection of an investment. What specific considerations are behind this investment philosophy?


Investment process

Investing responsibly means thinking outside the box and not just pursuing purely financial interests, but instead focusing on social and ecological perspectives. This is not so much about ideologies, but about preserving natural resources for future generations. In this context, non-sustainable development becomes a risk for the company.

Zertifkate und Transparenz

Quality seals

Certificates and transparency through seals of approvals and quality seals.

Nachhaltigkeit Begriffe

Terms from the world of sustainable investment

The most important terms related to the topic of sustainability – in alphabetical order