Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (R)

Key figures, 07/18/2018

Duration 6.37
Ø residual term to next call (years) 7.50
Ø Residual term to maturity (years) 7.75
Average yield 1.02
Modified duration 6.30
Average coupon 1.94
Ongoing charges* 0.63
PTR** 90.01

If securities are given early call rights by the issuer, the term depicted for the securities in the fund is up to the early call date (to next call). If, contrary to standard market practice, the issuer decides to suspend early call rights, the result is a corresponding extension of the fund’s term structure. The regular redemption dates of the bonds (to maturity) can be found in the annual reports and semi-annual reports (in the description of securities in the fund portfolio).

* The „ongoing charges“ have been calculated on the basis of the figures as of 29.12.2017 including the previous 12-month period. The „ongoing charges“ include the management fee and all fees charged in the past year. Third-party transaction costs and performance-related fees are not included in the „ongoing charges". The „ongoing charges“ may differ from year to year. Please refer to the „Expenses“ sub-item of the current annual fund report for precise details of the cost components included in the „ongoing charges“.

** The Portfolio Turnover Ratio (PTR) reflects how many transactions are conducted with the fund assets during a business year. Transactions with derivatives and redemption of debt securities are not included in the calculation. The closer this ratio is to 0, the more directly the transactions conducted are related to the issue and redemption of fund units. A positive PTR hence shows that the securities transactions were higher than transactions in fund units, whereas a negative PTR figure indicates that securities transactions are lower than transactions in fund units.

Statistical data 10 years 5 years 3 years
Volatility 3.36 2.94 2.71
Sharpe ratio 1.24 1.09 0.76

Volume (in fund currency): EUR