Investment Philosophy


Research and Analysis

It’s not enough just to know everything
One of our most important principles is the belief that comprehensive analytical capabilities are absolutely essential for performing outstanding market evaluations and achieving equally outstanding results. Accordingly, research – i.e. detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis – is the core of our fund management approach. Our several hundred research and analysis experts are vital in helping to ensure the success of this approach.


Risk management

After all, a fund is more than just a fund

The Risk Management department has a special investment fund risk management team that creates a highly specific opportunity/risk profile for each individual fund and selected portfolio.


Asset allocation

How to buck the trend
In the course of Raiffeisen’s asset allocation process, our asset managers work in teams to develop and implement our investment strategies. Our goal is to not only equal the average market yield – but to consistently exceed it.

The two management approaches

Top-down approach in the management of umbrella funds and bonds

After performing a detailed analysis of the economic conditions at the global and national levels, our management team decides which markets and countries to buy bonds and equities in and which currencies they should be denominated in. The managers of the individual funds follow the top-down approach for bonds and the bottom-up approach for equities. After selecting maturity periods, currencies, issuers, etc., our bond managers select the bonds that offer the most attractive valuations, all other factors being equal.

Bottom-up approach in equity management

In the case of investments in equities, individual stocks and companies are analysed and at the same time, the opportunities and risks associated with the relevant sector are assessed. A general investment strategy is developed at a national level based on these findings. Through cooperation with our international partners, we make around 20,000 business contacts per year.