Raiffeisen-Nachhaltigkeit-Europa-Aktien (R)

Fund Management Report

After resurging economic worries based on fears about the newly discovered and highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant, the European equity markets entered December on a weaker note. After a brief bout of optimism that allowed the markets to climb, inflation worries and a rising number of coronavirus cases overshadowed the market developments. The fund delivered slight positive performance amidst these conditions. The top performers included the French company Veolia, which offers sustainable solutions for water, waste, and energy management. ABB, which offers solutions for energy supply, industry, transport, and infrastructure, was added as a new investment during the reporting period. The fund still invests in around 70 European companies with a focus on financial and sustainable quality. The fund invests in companies with high environmental, social, and governance scores. (16.12.2021)