Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (I)

Performance *

From 01/04/2010 Up to 01/21/2022

Source: Depository Bank (Raiffeisen Bank International AG)

* Performance (incl. disbursements)

Performance in per cent (yoy)

    1 year 3 years 5 years 10 years since inception

Raiffeisen KAG calculates performance based on the published fund price, using the OeKB methodology. Individual costs – such as transaction fees, the subscription fee (maximum 0 %), the redemption fee (maximum 0 %) or custody charges of the investor – and taxes are not included in the performance calculation. These would reduce the performance if they were included. Past value is not a reliable indicator of the fund’s future performance.

Notice for investors with a different functional currency than the fund currency: We expressly point out that returns may rise or fall due to currency fluctuations.

The fund is actively managed with reference to a benchmark. Such reference to a benchmark does not restrict the fund management’s scope of action.

The benchmark is presented without costs and is not directly investable.

Presentation in accordance with the benchmark used in the past, which may deviate from the benchmark reported. We can also provide you with more detailed information free of charge on request.

Composition of the benchmark

BenchmarkWeighting in %
iBoxx Euro Overall100,00

The management company may change the benchmark in the interests of the unitholders. The respective current benchmark will be shown in the Key Investor Information Document, the prospectus or in the information pursuant to § 21 of the Austrian Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (AIFMG).

Each of the indices mentioned is a registered brand. The licensing party does not sponsor the fund, subsidize it, sell it or support it in any other way. Index calculation and index licensing of indices or index brands do not represent a recommendation to invest. The respective licensor is not liable to third parties for any errors in the index. For legal information regarding licensors, see www.rcm.at/lizenzgeberhinweise or www.rcm-international.com.