Raiffeisen VIPindividual

Raiffeisen VIPindividual

Raiffeisen VIPindividual is a market-oriented investment for investors who expect personalised solutions and strategies for freely available cash or securities assets of EUR 500,000 and more. Private investors and institutional customers have the option of selecting the classic or sustainable alternatives of VIPindividual.


Special investment needs

  • Specific asset classes (e.g. equities, bonds) can be combined individually
  • Special cashflow considerations (building up or working down assets, etc.) can be taken into account in the course of asset management
  • Personalised risk limits can be set


Product characteristics

  • Market-oriented, sustainable asset management based on individual needs and requirements, along with personalised solutions and strategies
  • This may result in higher risk, depending on the weighting of specific asset classes


For more detailed information, please contact your advisor at your Raiffeisen bank!
Investments in portfolios involve higher risks, up to and including loss of capital.