Sustainability at all levels

Investing with a sustainable focus

What is really sustainable and what does responsible investing depend on?

"With an investment in sustainable funds, I can promote responsible business practices among companies and countries."

Corporate Responsibility

Raiffeisen Capital Management integrates the topic of sustainability at all levels of the company.

Thematic areas of a sustainable future

We illuminate future issues from the various perspectives of sustainability.

Peace and justice

Issue 36 of the magazine SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT is dedicated to the topic "Peace and Justice".


Gender equality

Issue 35 of our magazine SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT is dedicated to the topic of "Gender Equality".


The information brochure SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT highlights current key topics on a quarterly basis.

Peace and justice

Gender Equality

Carbon Pricing

Energy Transition


Demografic Change

Fast Fashion

Policies & Reports

Sustainability Policy

Coal sector

Other reports and publications

Current Sustainability Report (RBI)

European Transparency Codex

Raiffeisen KAG undertakes to provide correct, appropriate and timely information in order to enable interested parties, in particular customers, to understand the approaches and methods of sustainable investment of the respective fund.

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Aktienfonds, Anleihefonds, Green Bonds, Mischfonds

Bestandslisten (only in German available)