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Investment funds offer numerous investment options. One of these is a base investment in one of the four Raiffeisen core funds.


A small, but smart selection. Raiffeisen core funds offer four different risk/reward profiles.

These four funds also invest in other funds, which are known as subfunds. This results in extremely broad diversification, since each of the subfunds also invests in numerous individual securities. The diversification effect achieved in this manner helps to improve the return opportunities and keep risk as low as possible. Nevertheless, it is still impossible to rule out fluctuations in the prices of the securities held by the funds. Nor can the diversification of risk preclude a loss of capital.

Raiffeisenfonds-Konservativ, which does not invest in equities at all, and Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, which can invest up to around one quarter in equities, are more suitable for conservative investors. Raiffeisenfonds-Ertrag or Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum are suitable for investors who are interested in higher possible returns. Both of these funds have long been members of the Raiffeisen family of funds. Raiffeisen Fund Ertrag targets moderate capital growth and is recommended for a holding period of at least eight years. Raiffeisen Fund Wachstum offers another option to improve possible returns. It is suitable for growth-oriented investors, who are looking for a long-term investment solution with a horizon of at least ten years.

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Capital losses cannot be ruled out even if the investment is held for the recommended period.

As a part of the investment strategy of Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, Raiffeisenfonds-Ertrag, Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum and Raiffeisenfonds-Konservativ , it is possible to invest to a significant degree in derivatives.

Due to the composition of the Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum or the management techniques which are employed, the fund exhibits elevated volatility, meaning that unit prices can move significantly higher or lower in short periods of time, whereby it is not possible to rule out loss of capital. According to its investment strategy, the Raiffeisenfonds-Konservativ may mainly invest in deposits or other investment funds. According to its investment strategy, Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, Raiffeisenfonds-Ertrag and Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum may mainly invest in investment funds. The Fund Regulations of the Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, Raiffeisenfonds-Ertrag and  Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum have been approved by the FMA. The Raiffeisenfonds-Sicherheit, Raiffeisenfonds-Ertrag and Raiffeisenfonds-Wachstum may invest more than 35 % of the fund's volume in securities/money market instruments of the following issuers: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom.


This is a marketing material of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-GmbH. As of April 2015.

The published prospectuses, information for investors pursuant to § 21 AIFMG, and customer information documents (Key Investor Information Documents) for the investment funds of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. are available in German at under the heading "Kurse & Dokumente" (and for some funds the customer information documents are additionally available in English) or, if the fund shares are sold abroad, in English (if applicable in German) or in your national language at under the heading „Prices & Documents“. A summary of investors rights is available in German and English under the following link: Note that Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H. may decide to terminate the arrangements for the distribution of the fund unit certificates outside the fund domicile country Austria.


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