Brundtland Commission
In 1987, the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission) published the Brundtland Report under the title Our Common Future. The report is known for its definition of sustainable development.

Controversial or banned weapons (e. g. land mines, cluster bombs)
"Banned weapons" are forbidden by international conventions. The broader definition of "controversial weapons" also includes weapons and munitions that function in a similar way to banned weapons or represent essential components of banned weapons.

Corporate governance
The sound, responsible management of a company, e.g. appropriate management of risk, independence of the majority of the supervisory bodies (supervisory board, non-executive directors), co-determination rights for (minor) shareholders, transparent remuneration system

Abbreviation for corporate social responsibility

A synonym/abbreviation for sustainability; this acronym stands for environmental, social (social concerns/stakeholders) and governance (corporate governance/corporate social responsibility)

Exclusion criteria
If a company violates one of the exclusion criteria (e. g. child labour), it is excluded from the investment universe for SRI funds and may no longer be purchased by SRI funds.

ILO Protocol
The International Labour Organization or ILO ( has defined core work standards which serve as social standards aimed at guaranteeing humane working conditions and sufficient worker protection.

KPI = key performance indicator
In Raiffeisen KAG’s sustainability assessment process, key performance indicators are those sustainability indicators that are especially important for evaluating a company’s performance and risk.


The Principles for Responsible Investment are made up of six principles that signatories of the principles undertake to implement. For details, visit

Shareholder engagement
Dialogue between investors and companies regarding sustainability issues

Sustainability rating
An assessment of how responsible and sustainable a company’s business practices are

An acronym that stands for sustainable and responsible investment

A party who has an interest in a company, e.g. employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, the government, society, creditors

The exercise of shareholder voting rights at annual general meetings


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