Investment philosophy


Fiduciary management of assets under mandate from Raiffeisenbank 


Lokale Betreuung weltweit diversifiziertes Portfolio bei der Vermögensverwaltung


Our investment process

Individual asset classes are evaluated on the basis of a clearly defined process. In addition to the relevant market data, market assessments by international analysts and Raiffeisen Research are also incorporated. On this basis, decisions are made on the weighting of bonds, equities, and other investments. Daily risk control and performance monitoring round off the investment process.


nachhaltige Vermögensverwaltung


Our sustainable investment approach

The goal of socially responsible investment is to integrate ESG (environment, social, corporate governance) principles into investment decisions, in order to better manage risks and generate sustainable, long-term returns. The Raiffeisen ESG Score which we have developed in-house allows us to measure and assess the sustainability of our investments. A comparison of the companies in the Raiffeisen sustainable investment pool with the overall market shows how effective our ESG strategy is.


ESG dimensions of sustainability ratings

ESG Dimension Umwelt

e.g. volume of CO2 emissions, consumption of resources

ESG Dimension Soziales

e.g. working conditions, supply chain

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance
e.g. independence of supervisory bodies, remuneration


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