Our offer

The services provided by Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung basically cover three product groups. The portfolios are individually constructed by well-trained capital market experts, based on a standardised approach (according to traditional or sustainable criteria). Vermögensverwaltung starts with a meeting with your personal Raiffeisen advisor. He or she then puts you in contact with us.
As a customer of Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung, you can rely on exclusive service and our professional asset management services.
Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig

Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig

The five Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig strategies invest predominantly in sustainable bonds and equities at the global level.


Raiffeisen VIPclassic

The five Raiffeisen VIPclassic strategies invest predominantly in global bonds and equities, as well as other investments.


Raiffeisen VIPindividual

Raiffeisen VIPindividual is a market-oriented investment, with personalised solutions and strategies for your assets.