International awards

for the Raiffeisen VIPclassic strategies: 
by firstfive AG and the Institute for Asset Accumulation (IVA) AG


Awards by firstfive in 2020


In 2020, firstfive AG recognised the best asset managers in the German-speaking world, in terms of performance and risk.






November 2021:
Sharpe ratio (metric for risk measurement)​

  • 1st place, 12-month period – conservative
  • 3rd place, 12-month period – balanced
  • 1st place, 12-month period – Dynamic
  • 2nd place, 12-month period – Dynamic

Top Performance

  • 4th place, 12-month period – conservative




The awards are based on real, anonymised customer portfolios from banks and independent asset managers in Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland. They cover Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung securities accounts following five different risk strategies with a share of equities ranging between a maximum of 10% and a maximum of 100%. The winners were determined in three assessment periods of one, three, and five years on the basis of the Sharpe ratio, in other words the risk-adjusted performance. The Sharpe ratio captures the return achieved on an investment relative to the level of risk.
* Top rankings for the reference portfolios of Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung (various risk classes over different time periods).


Certified quality depot Certified quality depot

Institute for Asset Accumulation (IVA) AG

As a result of the certification process, Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltung was awarded the quality seal “Certified Quality Depot” for the strategy of Raiffeisen VIPclassic 35 for an excellent risk-return profile and received the highest ranking of five stars. The other market-oriented strategies in the product categories Raiffeisen VIPclassic, VIPnachhaltig, and VIPindividual are managed identically, based on a uniform investment approach. The difference is in the risk-return ratio resulting from the weighting of asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.).


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Naturally, we are committed to repeating these excellent results in the future as well, although past results are not suitable for forecasting future performance. Like all other capital market products, the securities contained in the portfolios are affected by fluctuations on the capital market, which can possibly also have a negative impact.


This is a marketing material of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage GmbH, as of March 2021.