Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig

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Invest for the future, with a clear conscience

Issues such as the environment, social justice, and responsible corporate governance are taken into consideration as part of sustainable investment. Good quality companies with sustainable business practices use resources sparingly and rely on satisfied employees as the key to success. Consequently, investing in such companies offers interesting opportunities for the long term.



Profit from our know-how in sustainable investments and capital market expertise

The focus of the five Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig strategies is on sustainable bond and equity investments at the global level. The portfolios are invested with an eye to market performance, and thus performance is essentially determined by the development of assets on the traditional bond and equity markets.


Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 10

0% to 10% equities (average: 5%)

Due to the current low or negative capital market yields, the interest income generated by the strategy Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 10 is not currently sufficient to cover the ongoing costs and will likely not be sufficient in the near future. Reliable longer-term forecasts are not possible in light of the uncertainty of future market developments.


Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 35

0% to 35% equities (average: 25%)


Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 50

0% to 50% equities (average: 35%)


Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 75

20% to 75% equities (average: 52,5%)


Raiffeisen VIPnachhaltig 100

40% to 100% equities (average: 80%)




Interested in enhancing value?

At your consultation with your personal Raiffeisen advisor, your individual goals, needs, and investment horizon are determined. Based on this analysis, we find the investment solution that suits you.


Investments in portfolios involve higher risks, up to and including loss of capital.


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